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Model: V14

Key Specs:
  • Platform Capacity: 230kg
  • Max Working Height: 15.8m
  • Max Horizontal Reach: 7.0m

14m Articulated Boom Lifts for Sale

Jovoo specializes in battery-powered aerial work platforms that are eco-friendly and economical. Jovoo V14 articulated boom lifts are also a popular model for low height work. They are widely used in construction, decoration, telecommunications, council housing, airports, etc. The light dead weight, compact structure and high mobility make them suitable for working in confined spaces and shifting jobs.

articulating boom lift size-1
articulating boom lift size-2

A --- Platform Width: 0.76m

B --- Platform Length: 1.4m

C --- Machine Height: 2.0m

D --- Machine Length: 6.5m

E --- Machine Width: 1.76m

F --- Wheelbase: 2.0m

14m Articulating Boom Lift: Video & Range


14m Articulating Boom Lift Details

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14m Articulating Boom Lift Details


Max Working Height16m
Max Platform Height14m
Max Crossing Height7.0m
Max Working Radius7.5m
Rated Load Capacity230kg
Ground Clearance (Center)0.25m
Platform Rotation±80°
Turntable Rotation355°
Vertical jib Rotation (Up/Down)±70°
Driving Speed (Stowed)5.1km/h
Max Gradeability (Stowed)30%
Machine Weight5960kg
Control Voltage24V
Pump Motor4kw
Driving Motor3.3kw
  1. The V14 articulated boom lift has compact and lightweight design. It is powered by battery power with excellent battery endurance.
  2. Intelligent and precise control system, humanized layout, and lubrication-free design, consequently easy to use and maintain.
  3. It provides comprehensive security protection and rich configuration options. It has the ultimate lightweight layout and long battery life among products of the same level.
  4. “Σ-shaped”boom with compact structure and flexible extension can realize vertical lifting and horizontal extension and has strong obstacle-surpassing ability.
  5. 160°rotatable platform provides a larger working range to improve work efficiency.
  6. Intuitive and friendly control panel makes easy to operate full range operation. Electro-hydraulic proportional system control is accurate and efficient, providing chassis tilt protection, emergency landing, safe speed limit, and flexible start & stop technology.
  1. Solid, non-marking tires
  2. Mechanical Anti-Extrusion Protection System
  3. Air tube connection to platform option
  4. Lithium battery and power plus generator
  5. Aluminum alloy and insulated working bucket
  6. Cold-resistant, fire-resistantand biodegradable hydraulic oil
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