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Crawler Spider Boom Lift Lift for Sale

Working Height: 10-21m
Working Radius: 5-8.5m
Platform Capacity: 200kg

Introduction to Crawler Spider Boom Lift

Jovoo crawler spider boom lifts have 7 models with the platform height ranging from 8 to 19 meters. These spider boom lifts are equipped with sturdy rubber tracks that allow workers to go through different terrains, especially uneven ground, soft grass, or muddy places. This kind of boom lift is an indispensable member of Jovoo boom lift family with its outstanding crossing ability and multiple-site use.

Electric spider boom lifts are environmentally friendly with a standard battery power that doesn’t produce emissions. The machine has a 48V/230Ah or 48V/300Ah LFP battery with long endurance. You can also choose an optional gasoline engine as power plus generator to prolong the working time of the boom lift machine. So don’t worry about the downtime.

Additionally, the narrow chassis structure of the machine allows for access through gates, yards, standard doorways and public buildings. This makes a crawler boom lift ideal for various jobs both indoors and outdoors. Jovoo aerial boom lifts are engineered to help users finish high and difficult jobs safely and efficiently. Contact our teams now to learn about how our equipment can fit your business.

Crawler Spider Boom Lift-product

Crawler Spider Boom Lift Advantages:

  • Compact design and light self weight for easy mobility and storage;
  • Flexible turning ability for precise positioning and efficient work;
  • The durable rubber track is anti-skid and can walk through uneven terrains;
  • The four powerful outriggers provide a stable support for safe operations;
  • Adapt for multiple-site use with accurate rotation and won’t damage the ground.

Crawler Spider Boom Lift Models and Parameters

Max Working Height10m12m14m16m18m20m21m
Max Platform Height8m10m12m14m16m18m19m
Max Working Radius5m5.5m6.2m6.2m7.1m8.2m8.5m
Platform Dimension (LxWxH)0.9x0.7x1.1m0.9x0.7x1.1m0.9x0.7x1.1m1.2x0.7x1.1m1.2x0.7x1.1m1.2x0.7x1.1m1.2x0.7x1.1m
Machine Dimension (LxWxH)4.9x0.75x1.9m4.6x0.75x1.9m5.2x0.75x1.9m5.2x0.95x2.1m5.3x0.95x2.1m5.5mx0.95x2.1m5.35x0.95x2.1m
Machine Weight1720kg1790kg1880kg1900kg2200kg2520kg2750kg
Load Capacity200kg200kg200kg200kg200kg200kg200kg
Driving Speed1.5km/h1.5km/h1.5km/h1.5km/h1.5km/h1.5km/h1.5km/h
Driving Gradeability25%25%25%25%25%25%25%
Electric Motor Power48V/4.5kw48V/4.5kw48V/6kw48V/6kw48V/7.5kw48V/7.5kw48V/8kw
LFP Battery Power48V/230Ah48V/230Ah48V/230Ah48V/300Ah48V/300Ah48V/300Ah48V/300Ah
Control Voltage12V12V12V12V12V12V12V

Crawler Spider Boom Lift Video

Crawler Spider Boom Lift Applications

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