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Diesel Scissor Lift

Diesel Scissor Lift for Sale

  • Diesel power engine suitable for outdoor use
  • Four-wheel drive, strong off-road performance
  • Extendable large platform with large load capacity

Introduction to Diesel Scissor Lift

Scissor lift platforms can be divided into battery-powered type and engine-powered type, to adapt to different working conditions. Jovoo diesel-powered scissor lift machines are more suitable for outdoor activities and rough terrains, because they are built to be robust and durable. They can extend from 10 meters up to 16 meters above the ground. And they are more construction-oriented as compared to electric scissor lifts. These lifts are also equipped with features such as a four-wheel drive and a positive traction control.

Diesel Scissor Lift 1.2-min

Diesel Scissor Lift Advantages:

  • Powerful diesel engine, 4-wheel drive, strong off-road performance ;
  • Hydraulic one-button leveling outriggers bring strong stability;
  • Double-extended platform, large load with wider work scope;
  • The platform controls allow the user to drive and steer the lift at height;
  • Work lights serves as a signal to keep caution around the working area.

Diesel Scissor Lift Models and Parameters

Max Working Height12m15m18m
Max Platform Height10m13m16m
Platform Dimension (L*W)3.95×1.83m3.95×1.83m3.95×1.83m
Machine Length (Stowed)4.2/4.81m4.2/4.81m4.2/4.81m
Machine Width (Stowed)2.28m2.28m2.28m
Machine Height (Stowed)2.81m3.03m3.25m
Platform Extension Length1.22/1.52m1.22/1.52m1.22/1.52m
Ground Clearance0.23m0.23m0.23m
Platform Load Capacity1150kg680kg680kg
Extended Platform Load Capacity230kg230kg230kg
Max Platform Occupancy7 Persons5 Persons5 Persons
Control Voltage12V12V12V
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