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The Electric Articulating Boom Lift

—— A Revolutionary Solution for Elevated Work

Electric Articulating Boom Lifts for Sale

The Electric Articulating Boom Lift has emerged as a game-changing solution for various industries that require working at heights. This innovative equipment combines the power of electricity with the flexibility of an articulating boom, providing a safe and efficient way to access elevated areas.

The key advantages of the Electric Articulated Boom Man Lift is its environmentally friendly nature. By utilizing electricity as its power source, it eliminates the need for fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution. This makes it an ideal choice for indoor applications, such as warehouses, shopping malls, and factories, where air quality and noise levels are crucial considerations.

The Electric Articulating Boom Lift Platform is revolutionizing the way industries approach elevated work. Its electric-powered and articulating boom design provide a sustainable and flexible solution for accessing elevated areas. With its environmental friendliness, maneuverability, and advanced safety features, this innovative equipment is set to transform various industries and improve work efficiency.

Jovoo Electric Articulated Boom Lift Models



Max Working Height: 11.5m
Platform Capacity: 200kg
Max Crossing Height: 4.5m
Weight: 4800kg



Max Working Height: 12.52m
Platform Capacity: 200kg
Max Crossing Height: 4.65m
Weight: 5200kg

V14 Hot-Sale


Max Working Height: 15.8m
Platform Capacity: 230kg
Max Crossing Height: 7.0m
Weight: 5960kg

V16 Hot-Sale


Max Working Height: 17.7m
Platform Capacity: 230kg
Max Crossing Height: 7.3m
Weight: 6630kg


Electric-Articulating Boom-Lift-v18

Max Working Height: 20.2m
Platform Capacity: 230/350kg
Max Crossing Height: 8.0m
Weight: 9100kg



Max Working Height: 22.5m
Platform Capacity: 230/350kg
Max Crossing Height: 9.4m
Weight: 10000kg

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Electric Articulating Boom Lift Advantages:

  • Strong load capacity with the max platform occupancy being 3 persons;
  • Flexible turning ability enables workers to easily reach the right workplaces;
  • Excellent off-road performance makes the vehicle go through complex terrains smoothly;
  • Lithium and Lead-acid batteries are optional based on your work need.

Main Parts of JOVOO Articulated Boom Lift

Ground Control Panel

PG and Bosch Rexroth control panels are adopted to realize the precise control of electrical systems. Specifically, the PG brand control panels are used for electric articulated lifts with platform heights of 16m and below. While the Bosch Rexroth control panels are used for electric articulated lifts with platform heights of 18m and above. IP65 waterproof design with emergency stop button, and interlock for getting on and off the platform.

Ground Control Panel
Platform Control Panel

Platform Control Panel

Workers can stand on the platform to operate the machine by a platform control panel which is also PG and Bosch Rexroth brand, same as the ground control. User-friendly design with safety factors considered ensures a reliable work performance.

Drag Chains

International brand drag chain of the telescopic jib provides safety protection and guiding capabilities for the cables inside the booms and prolongs the service life of the cables.

Electric Articulating Boom Lift Igus Drag Chain
Limit Switch

Limit Switch

Limit switches are used to stop the motion of the machine when it reaches the end of its travel, to prevent overloading or overtravel, or to provide feedback to a control system for accurate positioning.

Oil Tank and Emergency Power Supply

Oil tank stores hydraulic oil and supply power for hydraulic system. The emergency power supply will coordinate with emergency power switch and emergency pumps to retract booms in case the main motor fails. This will give a double safety to users.

Oil Tank and Emergency Battery Pump


48V/420Ah lead-acid battery is the standard configuration of JOVOO V-Series Articulated Boom Lifts. Lithium battery is optional. When the electric articulated boom lift is stored for a long time, please charge the battery fully to keep the service life of battery.


By detecting displacement, inclination, pressure and other signals, the sensor can detect and transmit the working state to the control system, so that the control system can implement different control strategies for the machine.



Solid rubber tires are standard configuration. Solid, non-marking tires or foam-infused tires are optional at your request.

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