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Electric Scissor Lifts for Sale

  • Different platform heights for multiple aerial jobs.
  • Stable scissor structure, wide working range.
  • Safe operation with little maintenance.

Introduction to Electric Scissor Lift

Powered by electric batteries rather than a combustion engine, electric scissor lifts are more environmentally friendly. They are ideally suited for indoor operation due to a lack of exhaust emissions or loud noises when operating. Electric scissor lift platforms are generally smaller, less bulky and have small narrower platforms than their diesel powered counterparts. A scissor lift is a popular model of aerial platform lift which is used for interior work like ceiling construction, sign hanging, and other maintenance projects. Jovoo scissor lifts have a lower platform height than a boom lift and can reach as high as 5.8–13.8 meters. View our scissor lift models and we are always ready to discuss with you about your work need.

Electric Scissor Lift Advantages:
  1. Compact Structure design brings flexibility and agility to aerial jobs;
  2. Complete safety device to ensure worker’s safety and efficiency;
  3. The extended platform gives workers a larger working range;
  4. High-quality battery has longer working life and endurance.

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Electric Scissor Lift Models and Parameters

Max Working Height7.80m7.80m9.80m9.80m11.80m13.80m15.8m
Max Platform Height5.80m5.80m7.80m 7.80m9.80m11.80m13.8m
Platform Dimensions (L*W*H)1.67*0.74*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.3*0.81*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.64*1.13*1.1m
Length/Load of Extended Platform0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg
Machine Weight1500kg2000kg2150kg2100kg2750kg2950kg3900kg
Max Load Capacity230kg320kg230kg320kg320kg320kg230kg
Driving Speed (Stowed)3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h
Driving Speed (Raised)0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h
Battery Power24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/270Ah
Pump Motor Power24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw

Main Parts of Jovoo Electric Scissor Lift

Ground Control Panel

Workers can use the ground control panel to control the lifting and lowering of the scissor platform. There is an emergency stop button on the panel in case of power failure or breakdown of the scissor lift machine.

1. Electric scissor lift ground control panel
2. Electric scissor lift hydraulic system

Hydraulic System

The chassis of Jovoo compact scissor lift can be opened to employ inspection, maintenance, and replacement tasks. The neatly arranged hydraulic system consists of hydraulic oil tank, pipes, and pump station.

Overall Power Switch

The overall power switch (red) controls the power of the whole scissor lifting platform. Before using the scissor lift, turn on the switch and the machine will start working. If it doesn’t wok, press the emergency stop button to lower the platform.

3. Electric scissor lift overall power switch
Electric scissor lift battery group

Battery Group

The 24V/200A or 24V/270Ah scissor lift batteries can be opted based on your working height. The battery group provides a longer endurance and is configured with charging protecting system. Battery powered scissor lift is also ideal for indoor use, energy-saving and safe.

Tilt Alarming System

It will be triggered when the gradeability exceeds 3◦, which can prevent the machine from tilting to protect users safety. If you need to work on the rough terrains, we recommend our versatile tracked scissor lift to help you overcome the uneven ground.

5. Electric scissor lift tilt alarming system
Electric scissor lift work indicating light

Work Indicating Light

If the work indicating light is on, the electric scissor lift is normally operated, otherwise, users should check whether there is a fault existing. The indicating light can also warn people around the machine to stay away from the scissor lift to ensure safety.

Maintenance Support

When workers inspect or repair the scissor lift, the maintenance support can be adopted to support the scissor structure steadily, which can build a safety space for workers to do maintenance tasks.

Electric scissor lift maintenance support
8. Electric scissor lift platform controller

Platform Controller

The platform control panel can precisely control the driving speed of the machine, the lifting and lowering of platform. Also there is an emergency stop button at the side of the controller to keep safety.

Foot Switch for Extended Platform

Put the foot on this foot switch and meanwhile push the platform outside, the extended platform will be stretched out. Inversely, step on the foot switch and pull the extended platform inside, the extended platform will be retracted.

Electric scissor lift foot switch
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