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Introduction to Electric Telescopic Boom Lift

Electric telescopic boom lifts are revolutionizing the way we reach great heights with utmost safety and efficiency. These innovative machines combine the power of electricity with the versatility of telescopic booms, enabling workers to effortlessly access elevated areas in various industries. With their advanced features and eco-friendly design, electric telescopic man lifts are paving the way towards a greener and more productive future. Whether it’s construction, maintenance, or any other vertical task, these cutting-edge lifts are proving to be indispensable tools for professionals seeking elevated solutions.

Jovoo produces high-quality electric and diesel telescopic boom lifts (working height: 20.5-56m ). All models have a JIB with a 80° rotatable platform and most models can rotate 360°. The working range of these aerial platforms (horizontal and vertical) is exceptional with a full cage load. Due to its compact dimensions, a telescopic man boom lift is very useful in narrower spaces, such as warehouses, hotels and airports. Our electric telescopic lifts take you right where you need to work, and they are available in a range of sizes to provide the best height and capacity for your aerial jobs.

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Electric Telescopic Boom Lift Advantages:

  • Wide working range with a large load capacity of up to 450kg
  • LFP and LA batteries are optional for your work requirements
  • Complete safety protection device to guarantee workers’ safety
  • Strong four-wheel off-road ability to adapt to multiple terrains
  • Energy saving, zero-emission, and little maintenance cost
  • REXROTH + ZAPI Electric control system
  • IP65 waterproof level

Jovoo Electric Telescopic Boom Lift Models


Electric Telescopic Boom Lift J18
Max Working Height: 20.5m
Max Working Radius: 13.2m
Load Capacity: 300kg
Machine Weight: 8520kg


Electric Telescopic Boom Lift J20
Max Working Height: 21.6m
Load Capacity: 300kg
Max Working Radius: 14.5m
Machine Weight: 9100kg


Electric Telescopic Boom Lift J24
Max Working Height: 26.2m
Load Capacity: 300/500kg
Max Working Radius: 20m
Machine Weight: 15100kg


Electric Telescopic Boom Lift J24
Max Working Height: 28.8m
Load Capacity: 300/500kg
Max Working Radius: 22m
Machine Weight: 16600kg

Electric Telescopic Boom Lift Models and Parameters

Max Working Height20.5m21.6m26.2m28.8m
Max Platform Height18.5m19.6m24.2m26.8m
Max Working Radius13.2m14.5m20m22m
Platform Dimension (L*W)1.8*0.75m1.8*0.75m2.4*0.9m2.4*0.9m
Machine Weight8520kg9100kg15100kg16600kg
Load Capacity300kg300kg300kg/450kg300kg/450kg
Driving Speed (Stowed)4.8km/h4.8km/h5.5km/h5.5km/h
Battery Power48V/420Ah48V/420Ah80V/500Ah80V/500Ah
Pump Motor Power12kw12kw30kw30kw
Driving Motor Power3.3kw3.3kw5.2kw5.2kw
Control Voltage12V12V12V12V
LFP BatteryOptionalOptionalStandardStandard
Power Plus GeneratorOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Insulated PlatformOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Electric Telescopic Boom Lift Details

Platform Control Panel

Bosch Rexroth platform control panel configured with proportional Joystick controls and emergency stop button.


Ground Control Panel

Bosch Rexroth ground control panel configured with IP65 waterproof design and emergency stop button.

Telescopic Boom

The boom adopts self-weight lowering technology and load sensitive hydraulic system to make the movement of boom steady and energy-saving.



The platform can be automatically leveled with ±80° rotation range.


360° turntable continuous rotation helps the platform to reach worksites flexibly.


Four-Wheel Drive System

Advanced four-wheel AC driven technology and steering differential control technology greatly reduce the tire wear and motor overload rate.


360° turntable continuous rotation helps the platform to reach worksites flexibly.


Drag Chain

International brand drag chain of the telescopic boom provides safety protection and guiding capabilities for the cables inside the booms.

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