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Telescopic Mast Lift

Telescopic Mast Lift for Sale


Introduction to Telescopic Mast Lift

A telescopic mast lift is a type of aerial work platform that is used to lift workers and equipment to high elevations. It is commonly used in construction, maintenance, and repair work where access to high areas is required. The telescopic mast lift is designed with a hydraulic system that allows the mast to extend and retract, providing a flexible and versatile platform for workers to perform their tasks. This vertical mast lift can reach heights of up to 8 meters or more, making it an essential tool for many industries. With its ability to provide safe and efficient access to high areas, the self-propelled mast lift has become an indispensable piece of equipment for many businesses.

Telescopic Mast Lift Models and Parameters

Max. Working Height5.6m6.8m8.0m
Max. Platform Height3.6m4.8m6.0m
Loading Capacity227kg227kg159kg
Ext. Platform Capacity114kg114kg114kg
Machine Dimension1.36*0.76*1.7m1.36*0.76*1.98m1.36*0.82*1.98m
Platform Size1.3*0.7*1.1m1.3*0.7*1.1m1.3*0.7*1.1m
Ext. Platform Length0.51m0.51m0.51m
Lifting Motor24V DC/1.3KW24V DC/1.3KW24V DC/1.3KW
Drive Motor2X24V DC/0.5KW2X24V DC/0.5KW2X24V DC/0.5KW
Drive Speed-stowed4km/h4km/h4km/h
Drive Speed-raised1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h
Up/Down Speed31/32 sec41.5/42 sec52/53 sec
Max. Working Angle1.5°1.5°

Safety Features

Proportional Controls

Drivable At Full Height

Automatic Brake System

Emergency Lowering System

Onboard Diagnostic System

Automatic Pothole Protection

Non-Marking Tyres

Emergency Stop Button

Cylinder Holding Valve

Anti-Pinch Protection System

Telescopic Mast Lift Applications

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