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Truck-Mounted Telescopic Boom Lift for Sale

Max. Working Height: 30.3m-39m
Max. Load Capacity: 260kg
Max. Working Radius: 17.6m-26m

Introduction to Truck-Mounted Telescopic Boom Lift

Truck-mounted telescopic boom lifts are a remarkable piece of machinery that has revolutionized the construction and maintenance industry. These lifts are mounted on the back of a truck, making them highly mobile and versatile. They consist of a telescopic boom that can extend vertically and horizontally, allowing workers to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. With their impressive height and reach capabilities, these lifts are ideal for tasks such as tree trimming, building maintenance, and electrical repairs.

The convenience of having a truck-mounted telescopic boom lift is unmatched, as it eliminates the need for additional transportation equipment and reduces the time and effort required to set up and dismantle traditional scaffolding. This innovative equipment has become an essential tool for many industries, enabling workers to complete their tasks efficiently and safely.

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  1. German Technology, China’s Smart Manufacturing;
  2. Industrial-Leading Performance, Heavy-DutyChassis;
  3. Intelligent ControlSystem EnsuresPrecise Operation;
  4. High ConfigurationBased on the First-Class Parts;
  5. Upgraded Structure Design, Customization

Truck-Mounted Telescopic Boom Lift Parameters

Product TypeTelescopic ArmTelescopic ArmTelescopic ArmTelescopic ArmTelescopic Arm
Max. Working Height14m18m30.3m36.0m39.0m
Max. Working Radius8.5m12.5m17.6m17.6m26.0m
Max. Load Capacity260kg260kg260kg260kg260kg
Turntable Rotation360º Continuous360º Continuous360º Continuous360º Continuous360º Continuous
Length/Width/Height (Stowed)5.995m/2.095m/2.9m5.995m/2.095m/2.9m8.35m/2.31m/3.25m8.35m/2.31m/3.35m8.1m/2.31m/3.35m
Machine Weight4495kg4495kg11195kg11195kg14000kg
Engine ModelCummins F3.8NC6B156Cummins F3.8NC6B156Cummins F3.8NC6B156Cummins F3.8NC6B156Cummins F4.5NS6B190
Engine Power115kw115kw115kw115kw140kw
Cab Occupancy Limit3 Persons3 Persons3 Persons3 Persons3 Persons

Security Features

(1) Outrigger support status detection and automatic alarm locking action;
(2) Frame level status detection;
(3) Electronic interlocking of the upper and lower switching valves;
(4) Amplitude limitation configured;
(5) Electric emergency pump configured;
(6) Equipped with a chain-broken protection system.
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