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Meet Jovoo Aerial Lifts

JOVOO Aerial Lift products mainly cover 5 types of aerial man lifts: Articulating Boom Lifts, Telescopic Boom Lifts, Towable Boom Lifts, Crawler Spider Lifts, Electric Scissor Lifts, and vertical Mast Lifts with a total of more than 40 models. You need to go higher. Work faster. Do more. Check out the innovations from JOVOO that will take you to new heights, helping you conquer those challenges with confidence.

From the latest aerial lift technology to services, parts and technical support, JOVOO makes sure you have what you need to get the job done. We offer a one-stop service starting from customers’ work requirements, product recommendations, parameters confirmation, budget formulas, order details confirmation, factory manufacturing, delivery, and after-sales service, to lifelong technical support.

JOVOO lift expert can provide a professional aerial working platform solution as long as you tell us your working need. Also, a custom design is available for the specific lifting requirements or worksites. Our team aspires to cooperate with you in the aerial manlifts field. Moreover, we are recruiting global agents in your local market, and welcome to talk with us or visit our factory to check our man lift equipment personally. Here please browse our aerial lifts list and find the right ones for your business.

JOVOO Boom Lifts

Electric Articulating Boom Lifts

Max Working Height: 11.5-22m

Towable Boom Lifts

Max Working Height: 12-17.85m


Electric Telescopic Boom Lifts

Max Working Height: 20.5-28.8m


Crawler Spider Boom Lifts

Max Working Height: 16-28m


Diesel Telescopic Boom Lifts

Max Working Height: 30-58m

Diesel Telescopic Boom Lifts-products

Diesel Articulating Boom Lifts

Max Working Height: 22-40.1m


Truck-Mounted Telescopic Boom Lift

Max Working Height: 30.3-39m

JOVOO Scissor Lifts

Electric Scissor Lifts

Max Working Height: 7.8-15.8m

electric scissor lift2.1

Tracked Scissor Lifts

Max Working Height: 9.9-13.6m


Bi-Levelling Scissor Lifts

Max Working Height: 10.3-14m

Bi-Levelling Tracked Scissor Lifts

Diesel Scissor Lifts

Max Working Height: 12-18m

Diesel Scissor Lifts-product

Small Scissor Lifts

Max Working Height: 5-6.8m

Small Scissor Lifts
JOVOO Vertical Mast Lifts

Telescopic Mast Lift

Max Working Height: 5.6-8.0m

Telescopic Mast Lift

Mast Lift with Jib

Max Working Height:11.2m

Mast Lift with Jib

Vertical Mast Lifts

Max Working Height:6-18m

Vertical Mast Lifts

Jovoo aerial lift products come with lifelong service
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Why Choose JOVOO Aerial Working Platform?

When it comes to choosing an aerial working platform, JOVOO stands out as the top choice for numerous reasons. Firstly, JOVOO is renowned for its commitment to safety. Their aerial working platforms are designed and manufactured with the highest safety standards in mind, ensuring that workers can perform their tasks with peace of mind.

Additionally, JOVOO offers a wide range of aerial lift platforms to cater to various industries and job requirements. Whether it’s for construction, maintenance, or any other high-altitude task, JOVOO has a solution that fits the specific needs of every customer.

Furthermore, JOVOO’s aerial man lifts are known for their durability and reliability. They are built to withstand tough working conditions and are equipped with advanced features that enhance productivity and efficiency. With JOVOO, you can expect top-notch quality and performance, ensuring that your investment is worthwhile.

Lastly, JOVOO provides excellent customer service, offering prompt assistance and support throughout the entire process, from selection to after-sales service. In conclusion, choosing JOVOO as the aerial working platform provider guarantees safety, versatility, durability, and exceptional customer service, making it the ultimate choice for any high-altitude job.

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